Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Black Books - S03E02 - Elephants and Hens

Fran leaves for the weekend to go to her friend Becky's hen party while Bernard and Manny, inspired by their latest children's books event, decide to write and illustrate a book for children. Bernard's first effort comes to over 1,000 pages, covers Stalin, a lens grinder, a broken marriage and a journalist in search of the truth and is possibly a little complex for kids. The subsequent masterpiece The Elephant and the Balloon could however lead them to international fame ? and all the problems that come with it. Fran's hen party, meanwhile, is as disastrous as can be expected, thanks to a combination of Bananarama, a game of truth and bottle of alcohol possessing "a polar bear... bleeding on the label" (known as Life Cry). The booze starts flowing, and with it come the tears and recriminations... (Guest starring Lucy Davis as Becky, Olivia Colman as Tanya & Charlie Hicks as Timmy.)