Dienstag, 22. September 2009

Black Books - S01E04 - Grapes of Wrath

When the sheer filth of the bookshop becomes too much to handle for him, Manny calls a creepy cleaner and Bernard reluctantly agrees to house-sit for a friend. Unfortunately, the two manage to drink a very expensive bottle of wine that was due to be presented to the Pope, and have to figure out a way of either replacing it before he gets home or think of a present better than a box of pencils to compensate for it. Meanwhile, Fran goes on a date with a very nice man which is, unfortunately, nothing short of disastrous. At the end, Fran goes on a date with the cleaner, Bernard is distracted by his birthday, and jam fails to keep a bit of toast stuck to the ceiling. (Guest stars Kevin Eldon as the cleaner.)