Montag, 28. September 2009

Black Books - S02E03 - The Fixer

Fran is in desperate need of a job, so Manny calls an old friend, Gus (a rather diminutive underworld figure) who agrees to get her a job working for a guy named Nugent in exchange for the bookstore hosting a reading of his nephew Danny's new book. Alas, Fran hasn't a clue what she is supposed to be doing at her new job and Danny is a hulking great illiterate whose ghostwritten autobiography describes the pain he's inflicted on many others in great detail and which he will happily inflict on Bernard and Manny if they can't teach him to read within two days. Fran gets promoted. Bernard worries about his thumbs. (Guest stars Ricky Grover as Danny, Rob Brydon as B. Nugent and Big Mick as Gus.)